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megaphone[1]We are going to be making our live BETA trading room available soon! Go here to explore solving your trading needs and concerns & then sign up to Request Your Invitation for the initial BETA release of the live trade room.

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We will be launching a unique way to show you how, what, & when we trade LIVE in real time. This includes futures, stocks, options, & FX or FOREX trading strategies (this can also be applied to binary trading…the binary options trading or spreads markets).

This is for beginners, intermediate, well-seasoned, or advanced traders!

Most traders do not realize or want to accept both high statistical probability and low statistical probability trading is the path to a consistent and successful overall strategic approach. This is a large reason why most traders fail. Sometimes a high probability trade strategy is NOT appropriate nor profitable. Some of the general approaches include:

1.  Manual or discretionary executions. (live trade room 6 days a week, multiple instruments, multiple asset classes)

2.  Semi-automated executions. (live trade room 6 days a week, multiple instruments, multiple asset classes)

3.  Fully automated. (live trade room 6 days a week, multiple instruments, multiple asset classes)

This includes advanced automated algorithmic trading that is backtested up to 10 years. We also incorporate monte carlo simulation, market replay, and of course real time trading as it unfolds right in front of us in the room or on our/your own platform utilizing the strategies if you choose to join us (some may understand this to be robot trading or robot daytrader intraday trading).  We are a proponent of seeing a strategy work well over time with multiple instruments, asset classes, time frames, multiple stress tests as mentioned above, and etc in its original form. We use little or no optimization as we like to see our strategies perform well across as many instruments and asset classes as possible. We also are if favor of diversification and the avoidance of curve fitting as much as is practical. A strategy plan can be the best in the world but it requires execution, discipline, and indifferent level emotions during the physical act of trading.

In all reality, the actual act of trading should not be exciting at all. The outcome when the trading day is done hopefully is for you, but the physical act of trading should not be exciting to you while you are executing. We are not a fan of optimizing or fitting a strategy to work on only one instrument, asset class, or time frame. In our view, the statistical probabilities (or the probable desired outcome) go up if the strategy works over multiple instruments, asset classes, time frames, conditions etc.


We are utilizing Ninjatrader as the platform. For fully automated trade strategies, you can use the trial copy for simulated trading but will have to lease or purchase a full version from Ninjatrader when trading live if you don’t already have their platform. With manual/discretionary or semi-automated trading you do have the option to trade on any platform you want if you are in the live  trade room.

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