Update on the real time BETA Live Trade Room

Hello Everyone,

Reference: https://groupworkflow.com/real-time-trading-strategies/

We are working on the BETA Trade Room to allow for a larger screen sharing capability and also moving the Ninjatrader platform (where charts are shared showing real-time trades right in front of you) to a remote server with Solid State Drives that have dual redundancy for maximum availability 24/6, resistant to power outages or internet issues, optimal hardware etc. This was something we were going to do later but have decided to go ahead with it! This will assure very high reliability for all who come into the room. Your continued feedback is appreciated now and when we get the BETA Trade Room back online for you.

So, the login button on most of the BETA Trade Room pages will not have the password (instead it will have a Under Construction note). Once we are back up, then we will put the password back on the button so you can enter again. Check back often or contact us!

In the meantime, go ahead and let us know what you want from your trading here (your contribution and feedback are important):

Happy Trading!