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The Group Work Flow Email Protection Guarantee

Group Work Flow’s and all associated websites and web form Protection Plan Guards Your Privacy and Inbox

What Does This Mean?

This website or sign up form belongs to Group Work Flow Consulting (or various associated sites) and promotes general business or personal consulting or other services/products. Your personal or corporate information is handled responsibly & managed our various email communications/methods.

  • We will send you email if you give us permission to do so (by subscribing to their mailing list). We will respect your permission.
  • We will only send you email that is related to what you subscribed to and why you subscribed.
  • We will abide by Group Work Flow Consulting’s anti-spam rules and anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM
  • You can unsubscribe whenever you want with clear instructions and/or a click of your mouse.

“What If I Want To Unsubscribe?”

At the end of every email you receive from this website you will see an unsubscribe link (or other acceptable method).

Click on that link or follow the clear instructions and you will be immediately unsubscribed asap from this website’s mailing list (allow on or before 10 business days in some cases).

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